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COPYRIGHTED MATERIAL P r a i s e f o r Te ac h i n g i n T h e Di g iTa l ag e “Brian earns an A+ for providing educators with the tools and resources needed to transform conventional classrooms into modern spaces brimming with twenty-first-century digital practices. His creative, practical, personal approach makes it easy to update even the most traditional classroom. Teaching in the Digital Age personally motivated me to forge ahead with these new and effective practices. This book is an entertaining and educational journey for any teacher who strives to be a lifelong learner and wants to develop a relationship with his/her students academically, emotionally, and technologically.” —Renee Wilberg, Kindergarten Teacher “This book has something for everyone—from the technophobe to the techno- crat. Teachers can start where they feel comfortable and proceed step-by-step through the technology activities. A must-read resource!” —Bonnie K. Roelle, Director, Office of Early Childhood Programs, Chicago Public Schools “Brian paints an inspirational picture for the future of early childhood learn- ing, seamlessly and playfully blending digital tools into the classroom and helping educators of all experience levels empower their students to create and share ideas.” —Andy Russell, Co-Founder, Launchpad Toys “A terrific, path-breaking resource, chock-full of practical advice for early educators who are transforming their classrooms for a digital age.” —Michael Levine, Executive Director, Joan Ganz Cooney Center, Sesame Workshop COPYRIGHTED MATERIAL