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COPYRIGHTED MATERIAL Sharon Godley, Christine Caro Bowie, Jean Robbins, Pam Pifer, Carli McK- enney, Mike Kruse, Kate Herron, Karla Beard-Leroy, Natalie Ripley, Rachel Kennedy, and Jennifer Berg-Wallish. To Erin Stanfill, I want to extend a special thanks for her constant encour- agement and support not only while I was writing this book but as we pursued our master’s degrees at the Erikson Institute and our National Board Teacher Certification. Kudos to the staff at the Erikson Institute for providing a high-quality graduate program from which I was able to develop a deep understanding of the many factors that influence how children grow and develop. I want to thank the wonderful team at Redleaf Press. I truly appreciate their collaborative process of working with authors. Kyra Ostendorf, my editor, deserves special recognition for helping craft this resource for teachers. Many thanks go to Chip Donohue for not only his contribution to this book but his contribution to the field of early childhood and his unending advocacy for meaningful technology use in classrooms and programs across the country. I want to thank my family for their constant encouragement to embrace new challenges. To my wife, Emily: without your unending support, flexibility, and understanding, I could not have completed this book. xviii COPYRIGHTED MATERIAL