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Children’s Books Understanding Differences Encourage understanding and appreciation for differences You Are Important Let children know they are precious and valuable Each book uses affirming words and beautiful illustrations. Age focus: 0–5. Seven board books, each 24 pgs. Each book in this set shows children with disabilities interacting with others in positive ways. Five hardcover books, each 24 pgs. Understanding Differences 5-Book Set #616515-W $99.95 Some Kids Are Blind #608107-W $19.95 You Are Important Series #277777-W $49.95 You Are Important #277065-W $7.95 Some Kids Use Wheelchairs #608121-W $19.95 Some Kids Have Autism #612302-W $19.95 Save over $5 when you buy the set You Are Beautiful #277102-W $7.95 You Are Healthy #277256-W $7.95 Some Kids Are Deaf #608114-W $19.95 You Are Friendly #277096-W $7.95 You Are Creative #277072-W $7.95 Some Kids Wear Leg Braces #608138-W $19.95 You Are Brave #277089-W $7.95 You Are Helpful #277263-W $7.95 Encourage appreciation, acceptance, and stewardship I See I Learn Help children learn important skills necessary for daily life and school readiness Relatable characters, real-life situations, and visual diagrams help young children learn social, emotional, health and safety, and cognitive skills that will stay with them forever. Age focus: 2–6. Eight hardcover books, each 28 pgs. Emma’s Friendwich #894500-W $14.95 Good Job, Ajay! #894548-W $14.95 Write On, Carlos! #894647-W $14.95 Camille’s Team #894586-W $14.95 Freda is Found #894623-W $14.95 Freda Plans a Picnic #894562-W $14.95 Percy Gets Upset #894609-W $14.95 Percy Plays It Safe #894524-W $14.95 Save over $10 when you buy the set I See I Learn Series #894501-W $107.95 Caring for the Earth Words and photographs show children what they can do and why it is important Age focus: 4–7. Five softbound books, each 24 pgs. Caring for the Earth 5-Book Set #865227-W $84.75 Let’s Reuse! #863254-W $16.95 Let’s Save Water! #863223-W $16.95 Let’s Recycle! #863230-W $16.95 Let’s Save Energy! #863216-W $16.95 Let’s Reduce Garbage! #863247-W $16.95 Shop Online at 69