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S H E D BY ESS LEAF Three-hour training session Going Green #540696-W $49.95 Evaluate the “greeness” of your facility, including air quality management, cleaning products, pests and pesticides, chemicals in plastics and hygiene products, lead, and more. This comprehensive, research-based tool assesses 64 practices or conditions. Softbound, 120 pgs. Present the GGRS in more detail to your staff members or in conference settings. Explain the rationale for using the rating scale, provide definitions of how “green” applies to early childhood programs, and present an overview of each section of the rating scale. How To Go Green Three-ring binder, 92 pgs. #540702-W $99.95 S H E D BY ED ESS LI PR Go Green Rating Scale for Early Childhood Settings Handbook #191101-W $29.95 R Help future rating scale users and participants of train-the-trainer events gain the knowledge and skills to successfully implement the GGRS. Describe the rationale for using the rating scale, present complete overviews of each section of the rating scale, practice accurate scoring, explore the potential uses of the rating scale, and share strategies to plan for improvement and tips for communicating Mastering the rating scale findings. Rating Scale Three-ring binder, #540719-W $149.95 134 pgs. LI S H E D BY ED LEAF After you administer the rating scale, visit to get a Certificate of Commendation. Reduce health and environmental hazards PUB Six-hour comprehensive training session Go Green Rating Scale for Early Childhood Settings #190901-W $19.95 R Present a general overview of the GGRS and its function in early childhood programs. This is especially useful in educating staff members, families, funders, and stakeholders. Three- The Importance of ring binder, 60 pgs. ESS One- to two-hour training session Evaluate the environmental health and safety of your program PR ED PUB LI PR PUB • A PowerPoint file • A trainer’s guide • Participant handouts R Each module includes: Environments go green rating scale (GGRS) training Go green to promote health & safety LEAF Improve your GGRS score and gain an understanding of the most important elements of going green. This handbook explains the proper steps to take as you create and maintain a safe and healthy setting. Softbound, 200 pgs. Save when you buy the Go Green Set Includes on copy each of GGRS and GGRS Handbook. #191201-W $44.95 Scan with your Smartphone to watch an introductory video about Go Green Rating Scale Or, visit on your computer. Shop Online at 33