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NEW from Redleaf Press NEW! Integrate wellness throughout your child care program Understand and support children’s wellness during the critical early years of development. This resource provides a comprehensive collection of checklists and research-based information to help you evaluate and improve wellness in your program, making it a safe, happy place for each person—child and adult—who passes through the doors. The checklists cover six areas of wellness: nutrition and healthy eating habits, physical activity and fitness, emotional health and resilience, physical health, safety and risk management, and leadership. The completed checklists can be used to create an action plan to improve your program’s approach to wellness. Age focus: 0–5. Softbound, 312 pgs. ability to thrive and experience joy in life and learning experiences A look inside Building Brains ESS S H E D BY R PR PUB ESS Contribute to children’s Provide young children with experiences and environments that enhance their learning. Blending what is known about early childhood brain development with ideas that support careful planning, a thoughtful curriculum, and meaningful activities, this resource provides valuable information to help you help children reach their full potential. It includes experiences that drive young children’s growth; engage all senses; nurture social and emotional skills; enhance motor skills; and support cognitive, language, and literacy development. You will also find information to help you apply brain research to activities as you plan your curriculum and ideas to provide a rich, experience- based, developmentally appropriate environment. Building Brains Age focus: 0–5. #541174-W $29.95 Softbound, 168 pgs. ED LEAF LEAF NEW! Over 600 brain-building activity ideas LI ED #542010-W $29.95 ESS R ED S H E D BY E D BY PR CD- ROM PUB Healthy Children, Healthy Lives Training and Resources #541648-W $79.95 SH LI LI R Available December, 2012. Healthy Children, Healthy Lives #540818-W $29.95 PR Introduce the components of wellness to your program’s staff members, families, and stakeholders. Seven complete PowerPoint presentations— one overview presentation and six presentations covering each topic in the wellness checklist—and printable handouts and newsletters are included. CD-ROM. PUB NEW! Seven complete PowerPoint training presentations LEAF #541884-W $29.95 Shop Online at 3