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Save almost $70 when you order this set Explore the value of authentic assessment in documenting children’s progress in the classroom. Includes one copy each of Observation I, Observation II, Parents, Setting the Stage, and Training and Support is the Key. Authentic Assessment Set #400902-W $524.95 Observation I: The Eyes Have It! Explore techniques used in preschool settings to document children’s growth. DVD, 27 min. #400904-W $118.95 Parents: Our Most Important Resource CD- ROM Observation II: Making the Connection #669438-W $118.95 Setting the Stage Recognize how children can be observed within the context of their play and culture. #400906-W $118.95 #400903-W $118.95 DVD, 27 min. Assess your pre-k classroom’s emotional and instructional environment and target efforts to improve academic outcomes and a brighter future for young learners. Includes system overview, procedures, scoring for classroom observation, and CLASS Manual #669414-W $49.95 one CLASS Dimensions Overview. Age focus: Pre-K. Spiral, 120 pgs. Each booklet contains six observation sheets and one scoring summary sheet. Set of ten booklets, 8 pgs. each. DVD, 27 min. Learn how to make the most of parent- teacher meetings and develop portfolios. NEW! The only observation tool to assess teacher-student interactions CLASS Forms, Pre-K–3 Watch as teachers demonstrate the systems they use to collate observational data. #400905-W CLASSROOM ASSESSMENT SCORING SYSTEM, PRE-K (CLASS) $27.95 CLASS Dimensions Overview, Pre-K–3 These tip sheets provide quick reference information about CLASS. Set of five tri-fold laminated sheets. #570885-W $29.95 CLASS Dimensions Guide This quick guide introduces the ten dimensions of CLASS and includes practical tips and strategies for your pre-k classroom. Booklet, 28 pgs. DVD, 24 min. Training and Support is the Key Education coordinators share how they provide ongoing staff training and explain the issues they have encountered. DVD, 26 min. #400907-W $118.95 Assess and document children’s learning #572278-W $15.95 Learn more at Set of four DVDs to study key developmental areas of preschoolers Each scene explores a crucial area of development. Narratives offer context, identify movement, expression, and behavior, and suggest assessment, planning, or follow- ups. Age focus: 3–4. Four DVDs. Closed-Captioned. Vignettes to enhance observation and training Watch activities in real early childhood classrooms with this interactive DVD representing six topics: prevention in action, positive guidance in action, learning opportunities, developing observation skills, pre- intervention, and interventions. A downloadable trainer’s guide is included. DVD. Classroom Moments #135501-W $89.95 Leadership/Professional Development AUTHENTIC ASSESSMENT CD- ROM Preschooler Observation Series #400908-W $239.95 Shop Online at CD- ROM 15