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S H E D BY ED ESS LI PR PUB Best Practices for Training Early Childhood Professionals #135401-W $29.95 R Leadership/Professional Development Help your staff members be the best professionals they can be LEAF Translate child development theory and research into best practices in classrooms Set up your classroom environment and create intentional learning opportunities for children. Each DVD includes video clips showing preschool children engaged in early learning and problem solving, teacher and expert interviews, classroom planning sessions, directions for making learning materials, and PowerPoint presentations. CD- M Establish a train- ing framework and methodology using a best-practices model. This resource in- cludes information, tools, and examples to plan and execute training programs. Softbound, 160 pgs. #540870-W $29.95 RO Energize your trainings and staff meetings Save more than $70 when you buy the set CD- ROM Complete Designing Curriculum Set #329994-W $649.95 Engaging, instructive video clips of real-life classroom situations and teachers in action Mathematics in Early Childhood Education Language Arts in Early Childhood Education These mini-case studies encourage group discussions in professional development sessions. Each program includes a facilitator’s guide, DVD and CD. CD- ROM Closed-Captioned. #323201-W $89.95 #323101-W $89.95 Mathematical Thinking: Patterning, Geometry, and Measurement in Early Childhood Education Art in Universally Designed Preschool Environments #329998-W $89.95 English Language Learners Science in Early Childhood Education #329995-W $89.95 CD- M Save more than $49 when you RO buy the set Complete TrainerVision Set #137101-W $549.95 12 DVD, 67 min. #322901-W $89.95 Social Studies in Early Childhood Education DVD, 84 min. #322801-W $89.95 Volume 2: Toddler Volume 3: Behavior and Inclusion: Focus On Development Toddlers and Pre-K DVD and CD-ROM, DVD and CD-ROM, 71 min. 60 min. #136601-W $199.95 #136701-W $199.95 DVD, 67 min. #329999-W $89.95 DVD, 67 min. DVD, 83 min. Volume 1: Language and Literacy DVD, 90 min. DVD and CD-ROM, 35 min. #136901-W $199.95 Also see Training Teachers, page 11 Call 800-423-8309 to Order DVD, 77 min. Managing Everyday Challenges through Positive Guidance DVD, 94 min. #329996-W $89.95