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Foreword writing style, chock-full of run-on sentences and lacking appropri- ate punctuation. In Let Them Play, which I affectionately refer to as the (un) curriculum book, Jeff and Denita encourage providers in both center and family child care programs to stretch their willingness to engage in honest self-reflection and really examine what they call “curriculum.” They invite you to go deeper than simply claiming to be play based. They invite you to become play obsessed. Now it’s no secret that Jeff probably asked me to do this foreword because he knows that I’m already play obsessed to the core. In fact, I joked to my husband after reading the manuscript, “Well, shoot! Jeff and Denita have just saved me a helluvalotta of time! Because of this [waves manuscript in air], I won’t need to write my next book!” And while there are many resources out there that can help early childhood educators take the leap from traditional to emergent curriculum, what I really appreciate about this book is that Jeff and Denita honor the fact that we all have various starting spots, that we’re all at various points in our jour- ney toward being more play obsessed. Jeff and Denita value baby steps and understand that becoming play obsessed is definitely a process. The industry of early childhood education is filled with T-shirt slogans and bumper-sticker dogma: “Set the stage and facilitate!” “Be a guide on the side, not a sage on the stage!” We can all wear a “My program is play obsessed!” T-shirt, but only those of us who are willing to go deep and examine what we call “our program” will reap the true benefits of the investigative, introspective, hard work we do. Let Them Play will guide you on your investigative journey and show you how to push beyond the T-shirt slogan. The authors name-drop at the right moments to reinforce their position state- ments, and they provide a plethora of suggested readings that will keep many of us busy through to next year. But it’s the manageable chunks of information that ultimately make Let Them Play a valuable resource for me. Examples include • The four results of fear and hypersurveillance (page 64) x