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“The Winning Ways series compels us to examine the profound impact we have on everyone around us—children, certainly, as well as fellow professionals and the children’s parents and families. But the best thing is that Gigi believes in each of us, that we can change, that we can truly become the early childhood professionals the children need us to be. And that really matters.” Business Essentials —Bonnie Neugebauer, Founder and Executive Editor, Exchange magazine Winning Ways for Early Childhood Professionals This series provides important information on topics every early childhood professional needs to know. Sold in convenient packs of three, these workbooks are ideal for trainings or for people beginning their career in the field. Each book includes tips, self-assessments, exercises, and reflection questions. Partnering with Families Gigi Schweikert Strong partnerships with families are important. Learn how to incorporate family goals, values, and priorities into your program’s culture as you build mutually respectful relationships. Pack of 3 books, 80 pgs. each. Filled with practical tips, self-assessments, exercises, and reflection questions Each workbook includes a Certificate of Achievement ESS S H E D BY ED R #549994-W $19.95 LI PR PUB Training Essentials Complement your professional development LEAF