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for family child care trainers Each module in the series contains Each module is packaged in a convenient three-ring binder. Contracts & Policies • Learning objectives and teaching techniques • PowerPoint files, reproducibles, and trainer notes • Handouts, including quizzes and class evaluations • Commonly-asked questions and answers CD- ROM • Classroom and follow-up activities Marketing #540436-W $149.95 #540498-W $149.95 Record Keeping & Taxes Legal & Insurance Issues #540474-W $149.95 #540511-W $149.95 Money Management & Retirement #540450-W $149.95 Get free advice from Tom Copeland. Ask a business-related question at (click on the “Ask the Expert” icon). ORDER ONLINE Tom Copeland, JD, is a renowned tax and child care business specialist and author of many books and resources for family child care providers. He trains thousands of family child care professionals and tax preparers each year on important business issues. PHONE 800-423-8309 8AM - 5PM CST OUTSIDE THE U.S. DIAL 651-641-0508