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staff meetings Learning Discipline Connecting Discipline, Communication and Relationships Mr. Rogers Neighborhood & Family Communications Facilitator’s Guide Learn to see discipline as an opportunity for teaching rather than punishing and teach children internal self-discipline. This three-hour workshop includes a facilitator’s guide, video segments, handout masters, and additional background and supplemental materials. Age focus: 3–5. 3-ring binder. #137201-W $164.95 Activity Book Help children learn self-control and self-regulation with dozens of activities emphasizing discipline, communication, and relationships. Complements the Learning Discipline workshop. Age focus: 3–5. Spiral, 64 pgs. Highly Successful Strategies to Guide Young Children’s Behavior Patricia Vardin, PhD Promote pro-social behavior and create a positive classroom environment. This training program shows teachers using a variety of proven techniques to respond to inappropriate behaviors. A comprehensive trainer’s guide includes handouts for participants, resources, a post test, and certificate of participation (as a PDF fi le on the DVD). DVD, 23 min. Bilingual English/ Spanish. Closed-Captioned. #835001-W $89.95 #137301-W $9.95 Concept Clips CD- ROM Chapters are in a format to use with PowerPoint and other media presentations. Seven video concept clips and a trainer’s guide are included. What Do You Do with the Mad That You Feel? #835002-W $89.95 CD- R O M Helping Children Manage Anger and Learn Self-Control Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood and Family Communications Facilitator’s Guide Helping Children Cope with Frightening Events Explore anger, where it comes from, and how young children can gradually learn the self-control necessary to manage their anger and channel it into productive activity. This 3-hour workshop also suggests ways to intervene when children act out or lose control. It includes a facilitator’s guide, handout masters, video components, CD-ROM, additional background materials, children’s booklist for participants, and supplemental materials. Age focus: 3–5. 3-ring binder. #150231-W $164.95 What You Can Do! Beryl Cheal, MEd Learn steps you can take to help children cope with—and overcome—traumatic events. Accompanying this 25-minute DVD program: a downloadable comprehensive 40-page leader’s guide with handouts of workshop activities for teachers and activities for children. C D- ROM Activity Book Help children learn to manage their anger with Fred Rogers’ timeless wisdom and these developmentally appropriate activities. A valuable and helpful resource for any early childhood setting, this book can be used separately or to complement the What Do You Do with the Mad that You Feel? workshop. Age focus: 3–5. Spiral, 60 pgs. #159001-W $89.95 CONCEPT CLIPS Six concept clips in a PowerPoint presentation and learner’s guide with handouts and workshop activities are included. #158901-W $89.95 #150221-W $12.95 ORDER ONLINE CD- ROM PHONE CD- ROM 800-423-8309 8AM - 5PM CST OUTSIDE THE U.S. DIAL 651-641-0508