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Training Essentials Engaging, instructive video clips for trainings TrainerVision Video Clip Library Energize your trainings and staff meetings with engaging, instructive video clips of real-life classroom situations. TrainerVision offers a unique window into classrooms and teachers in action with mini- case studies that encourage group discussions and add the power of real life scenarios to professional development sessions. It is an ideal tool to use in workshops, show at home visits, insert into presentations in PowerPoint format, and provide rich content for online courses. Each program includes a facilitator’s guide, DVD & CD. Closed-Captioned. Volume 1: Language & Literacy 71 min. #136601-W $199.95 CD- ROM + CD- ROM Volume 2: Toddler Behavior & Development 60 min. #136701-W $199.95 CD- ROM + CD- ROM Volume 3: Inclusion: Focus on Toddlers & Pre-K 35 min. #136901-W $199.95 CD- ROM + CD- ROM Complete Trainervision Set Save more than $49 when you purchase the three-volume set. #137101-W $549.95