144 ChaPter 7 experiencing the reflection, interpretation, and Application standard in the outdoors indicATor 1: The child relates past experience to new situations, generating ideas, increasing understanding, and making predictions. the LiChen “Look at these teeny, tiny flowers!” terrel has been digging in the raised garden beds at his school. as he and the other children finish up their work, they hang their tools where they go on the fence. terrel turns to leave the garden, but stops short when he spots something brilliant red on one of the cedar boards edging the garden beds. he calls out to rowan: “hey, look at this!” together, they bend down and look more closely, wondering aloud whether the red dots are tiny bugs or flowers. their teacher joins them, saying, “Look what you found!” she listens to their conversation, takes note of what they have observed, and then asks, “what else do you notice?” LensFinal.indd 144 9/16/10 10:47:54 AM