147Oviparous Animals Music • Here are some lyrics you can sing about oviparous animals. Sing “Are You Ready to Hatch?” to the tune of “Frère Jacques”: Are You Ready to Hatch? Are you ready to hatch, Are you ready to hatch, Little duckling, little duckling? Will you crack open soon, Will you crack open soon, Little duckling, little duckling? Continue by replacing little duckling with little lizard, ostrich, turtle, snake, fish, ladybug, bee, insect, or other oviparous animal name. Be sure to vary the animal each time to supply children with many kinds of oviparous animals. After singing this song again and again, children are bound to know which animals hatch from eggs. Closing the Oviparous Animals Theme Throughout your work with the Oviparous Animals activities, ask children questions to increase their comprehension. During your group times, be sure to discuss what sets oviparous animals apart from other animals. Here are some additional questions you can use during activities and to bring this theme to a close: What happens after an egg hatches? How do the animals develop? In what ways do all mothers protect their babies? Celebrate Nature_4th pages.indd 147 2/18/11 6:24:52 PM