C h i ld re n ’s B o o k s Teach Respect for All Cultures ONLINE wwww.RedleafPress.orgPHONE8AM - 5PM CST Monday - FridaySSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS TOLL-FREE: 800-423-8309 OUTSIDE THE U.S.: 651-641-0508444444444 EASY WAYS EASY WAYS EASY WAYS EASY WAYS EASY WAYS EASY WAYS EASY WAYS EASY WAYS EASY WAYS EASY WAYS EASY WAYS EASY WAYS TO ORDERTO ORDERTO ORDERTO ORDERTO ORDERTO ORDERTO ORDERTO ORDERTO ORDER BEST BEST COLORS/ LOS MEJORES COLORES Eric Hoffman, with illustrations by Celeste Henriquez With the help of his two mamas, Nate learns he can have more than one best color and one best friend. Activity and teaching ideas are included for caregivers. Bilingual English/Spanish. Softbound, 32 pgs. #709201-Q $12.95 ALL THE COLORS WE ARE/ TODOS LOS COLORES DE NUESTRA PIEL The Story of How We Get Our Skin Color Kate Kissinger, with photos by Wernher Krutein Answer the tough “what and why” questions children ask about skin color. Evocative photographs and simple, engaging language in both English and Spanish provide a scientifi cally accurate explanation of the pigment melanin, while addressing myths and stereotypes about skin color. Activity ideas are included. Age focus: 4–10. Softbound, 32 pgs. #701901-Q $9.95 GLOBAL BABIES/BEBÉS DEL MUNDO Meet babies from different countries in a joyful celebration of our global heritage. The colorful pages will delight every child’s eyes. Bilingual English/Spanish. Board book, 18 pgs. #892506-Q $6.95 THE WAY I FEEL Janan Cain Vivid, expressive illustrations fl ood every page of this book with color, encouraging children to understand emotions—both their own and others’. Age focus: 18 mos.–3 yrs. Board book, 18 pgs. #711401-Q $7.95 PUB LISHEDBY R E DLEAF P R E SS PUB LISHEDBY R E DLEAF P R E SS 60 THE SKIN YOU LIVE IN Michael Tyler; illustrations by David Lee Csicsko Deliver an important message of social acceptance to young children with this lively story. Themes associated with child development and social harmony are promoted in simple and straightforward prose. Vivid illustrations of children’s activities for all cultures are also provided. Age focus: 4–8. Hard cover, 32 pgs. #958001-Q $14.95 #999999-Q Check the handy boxes to make ordering your favorites easy! “HEY, LET’S PLAY!” A Book on Playground Safety Sandra P. Libby Filled with great illustrations, this book helps kids learn the basics and importance of playground safety. It also includes some tips for teachers and playground supervisors. Endorsed by the National Program for Playground Safety (NPPS). Age focus: 2–12. Softbound, 30 pgs. #188884-Q $12.95