N u tr it io n Understand and Meet Nutritional Guidelines ONLINE wwww.RedleafPress.orgPHONE8AM - 5PM CST Monday - FridaySSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS TOLL-FREE: 800-423-8309 OUTSIDE THE U.S.: 651-641-0508444444444 EASY WAYS EASY WAYS EASY WAYS EASY WAYS EASY WAYS EASY WAYS EASY WAYS EASY WAYS EASY WAYS EASY WAYS EASY WAYS EASY WAYS TO ORDERTO ORDERTO ORDERTO ORDERTO ORDERTO ORDERTO ORDERTO ORDERTO ORDER PUB LISHEDBY R E DLEAF P R E SS RETHINKING NUTRITION Connecting Science and Practice in Early Childhood Settings Susan Nitzke, PhD, RD; Dave Riley, PhD; Ann Ramminger, MS; & Georgine Jacobs, MS Meet young children’s nutritional and developmental needs, establish healthy patterns with food, support special dietary needs, and bring nutrition principles to life in your early childhood setting. Each chapter includes a summary of key concepts based on current scientifi c research, promising practices, and sample letters to families. Age focus: 0–5. Softbound, 168 pgs. #540313-Q $27.95 56 EARLY SPROUTS Cultivating Healthy Food Choices in Young Children Karrie Kalich, Dottie Bauer & Deirdre McPartlin Counteract the prevalence of childhood obesity and establish lifelong healthy eating habits in children. This research-based, twenty-four week curriculum engages children in all aspects of planting, growing, and eating healthy produce. The award- winning Early Sprouts program includes tips for planting a garden, suggestions for involving children’s families, and recipes that children can help prepare. Age focus: 2–6. Softbound, 224 pgs. #326401-Q $24.95 PUB LISHEDBY R E DLEAF P R E SS THE SNEAKY CHEF TO THE RESCUE 101 All-New Recipes and “Sneaky” Tricks for Creating Healthy Meals Kids Will Love Missy Chase Lapine “Sneak” healthy foods into children’s diets and make delicious, nutritious meals. Included are recipes targeted to special dietary needs, including lower calorie, fat-free meals and dairy-, egg-, and gluten-free recipes. Recipes for make-ahead purees and special occasions such as birthdays and holidays are also provided. Softbound, 272 pgs. #435463-Q $19.95 THE EARLY SPROUTS COOKBOOK Karrie Kalich, Lynn Arnold, & Carole Russell Cook up delicious and healthy meals and snacks for your preschool setting. Packed with 40 breakfast, lunch, snack, and special celebration recipes, this hands-on cookbook promotes the development of healthy eating habits in young children and encourages children’s participation in preparing the food. Anchored by wholesome ingredients, these recipes follow federal dietary guidelines and are all child-tested and approved. Nutrition information, food safety procedures, tips for cooking with children, recipe variations, and colorful photographs are also included. Age focus: 3–5. Softbound, 120 pgs. Available July, 2011. #540429-Q $29.95 PUB LISHEDBY R E DLEAF P R E SS EARLY SPROUTS SETEARLY SPROUTS SET Save almost $10 when you order the set of Early Sprouts and The Early Sprouts Cookbook. #326411-Q $44.95 SMART FOOD FOR SMART KIDS Patrick Holford & Fiona McDonald Joyce Using the guidelines from a groundbreaking “Food for the Brain” study, this full-color cookbook includes recipes that produce great results among children, maximizing both health and brainpower. Each recipe is carefully designed to provide optimum nourishment to aid with mental development, behavior, and academic performance. Menu plans are also included, as well as practical advice on planning, shopping, eating out, and dealing with fussy eaters. Softbound, 160 pgs. #953454-Q $22.95 Missy Chase Lapine