5 Exploring Visual and aesthetic dimensions card stock. Now we have an invitation. In the final chapter we will examine some of the headings we can use in documentation and program planning. “Invitation” is one of these headings. Isabella and Josephine talk about how to draw the flowers. The next day we find some large purple flowers from the garden and the last of the summer’s hydrangeas and place them in a vase. This time the paper is framed by light purple and pink card stock. When we encourage children to use their graphic languages, we assist their learning. Children draw to learn rather than learn to draw. When children draw, or paint, or make a model, they look carefully for the details, they notice what they might have previously overlooked, and they engage with the object in question. Similarly, adults will find that when they take on the challenge of a 750-piece puzzle while on holi- days, their visual acuity and attention to detail will be significantly improved. VOC_FINAL.indd 5 5/17/10 4:22:14 PM