xvi Contents Hildebrandt Learning Centers: Reinventing Our Organization and Our Approaches to Professional Development 310 Community Collaborations to Address Inequity and Disempowerment 314 Francis Institute: Plaza de Niños una Asociación de la Comunidad/Francis Institute: Plaza de Niños Community Partnership 315 Tucson Children’s Project: The Hopes & Dreams Project and the Wall Project 318 Appendixes 321 Assessment and Evaluation Tools Appendix 1 Assessing systems 322 Appendix 2 ten Dimensions of Organizational Climate Assessment tool 327 Appendix 3 Model Work standards Assessment tool 328 Appendix 4 Program Administration scale (PAs) 333 Appendix 5 teacher and Director evaluation Materials 336 Appendix 6 sample Licenser self-evaluation tool 339 Planning Tools Appendix 7 strategic Planning Form 342 Appendix 8 Calculating the Full Cost of Quality Care 343 Appendix 9 Continuity of Care: barriers and solutions 348 Staff Development Tools Appendix 10 Conference Attendance Planning Form 349 Appendix 11 Observation Form for Visiting Other Programs 351 Appendix 12 Conflict resolution samples 354 Appendix 13 Writing Learning stories 357 Appendix 14 A Thinking Lens for reflection and Inquiry 359 Appendix 15 use the Thinking Lens to Analyze and Write Learning stories 360 references 361 resources 365 Print Resources for Growing a Vision 365 Print Resources for Building and Supporting Community 366 Print Resources for Coaching and Mentoring 367 Print Resources for Managing and Overseeing 368 Web Resources 368