xiv Contents Principle Make Communication Meaningful 229 Innovative Practice Invite families to participate in communication systems 230 Use interactive technology to enhance communication 231 Principle Bring and Keep People Together 232 Innovative Practice Institute continuity of care 232 Plan family meetings to build relationships 233 Hold group family conferences 233 Principle Invite Meaningful Contributions to Solve Problems 235 Innovative Practice Enlist excitement to build an infant/toddler playground 235 Invite the village to raise the children 236 Build Reflective Practices 238 Principle Invest in Your Teachers Right from the Start 238 Innovative Practice Interview candidates in small groups 239 Create systems for reflection in your orientation process 239 Principle Reconceptualize Professional Development as a Daily Experience 240 Innovative Practice Develop teachers as thinkers, not technicians 241 Design clear accountability systems 242 Provide side-by-side mentoring 243 Strengthen Connections to and Care for the Natural World 244 Principle Use Meaningful Experiences to Build Shared Values 245 Innovative Practice Create a field guide for the center grounds 246 Plan family field trips to explore the local natural environment 246 Principle Call for a Curriculum That Focuses on the Natural World 247 Innovative Practice Launch a program-wide science and nature study 248 Become a designated wildlife habitat 249 Principle Use Family Interests and Expertise to Grow Your Vision 250 Innovative Practice Form a family club with a mascot 250 Learn about farms and gardens 250