xii Contents Chapter 5 — Your Role of Managing and Overseeing 171 Managing to Make Your Vision a reality 172 Cultivating the Organizational Culture You Want 173 Formulating Long-Range Goals to Support Your Vision 176 Principle Create a Continuous Cycle of Evaluating and Planning 177 Strategy Conduct regular program evaluations 177 Develop a clear understanding of the planning process 178 Take time to plan the planning process 180 Principle Refuse to Adopt a Scarcity Mentality 181 Strategy Move your budget toward the full cost of care 183 Invest in your staff 184 Be generous with your nickels and dimes 186 Involve others in expanding your nickels and dimes 186 Adopt a business mind-set when big funds are needed 187 Creating the Experience of Community with Your Systems 187 Principle Use Relationships and Continuity of Care to Guide Your Decisions 188 Strategy Design rooms that work for infants and toddlers 189 Expand the age group for preschool rooms 190 Have teachers loop with the children 190 Principle Involve Staff and Families in Active Exploration of Standards 191 Strategy Form task groups 191 Create games to enliven discussions of standards 193 Principle Seek to Counter Inequities of Power and Privilege 195 Strategy Seek feedback from all stakeholders in your community 196 Expand your approach to communication 196 Make diversity and antibias work part of your orientations 196 Formulate personnel policies and systems to encourage diversity among staff 197