Contents xi Principle Emphasize Dispositions as Much as Skills and Knowledge 135 Strategy Identify how dispositions look in practice 136 Discover with dots 138 Principle Know Your Adult Learners 138 Strategy Play True Confessions in Four Corners 140 Principle Provide Choices for Different Needs and Interests 143 Strategy Think of something you have learned as an adult 144 Train with multiple intelligences in mind 145 Uncover and cultivate passions 146 Principle Promote Collaboration and Mentoring 148 Strategy Practice active listening, informally and formally 149 Set up a peer-coaching system 149 Build collaborative and mentoring relationships 150 Principle Cultivate Observation as a Skill and an Art 152 Strategy Learn to observe in many ways 153 Become a community of observers 154 Principle Create a Culture of Curiosity, Research, and Storytelling 155 Strategy Cultivate deep listening 155 Use a Thinking Lens for reflection 157 Launch a research project 158 Principle Approach Coaching with Inquiry 160 Strategy Develop questions to guide your own observations 161 Practice responding to Cassandra 162 Use questions to promote inquiry 162 Practice with stories 163 Adopting the Mind-set of a Coach 168 Practice Assessing Your Approach 169