x Contents Principle Grow Community-Building Curriculum from the Lives Around You 92 Strategy Rethink daily routines 93 Grow curriculum from family life 94 Grow curriculum from teacher passions 96 Find curriculum in your wider community 96 Connect people to one another 97 Working with Differences and Conflict 101 Principle Acknowledge and Respect Differences 103 Strategy Create a representation of a community 104 Explore different values 105 Name your assumptions 107 Principle Explore and Mediate Conflicts 109 Strategy Explore different communication styles 109 Design a conflict resolution process 112 Cultivating New roles, Dispositions, and skills 114 Practice Assessing Yourself 115 Chapter 4 — Your Role of Mentoring and Coaching 117 Coaching versus Managing staff 120 What Do Adult Learners Deserve? 123 The golden rule revisited: treat Adults as You Want Them to treat Children 126 Principle Give Thoughtful Attention to the Environment 128 Strategy Plan a nurturing environment for the adults 128 Provide time and resources 130 Principle View Teachers as Competent Thinkers and Learners 131 Strategy Reflect on a teacher 132 Expand your focus for coaching 132 Compare your view with their view 133