Contents ix Chapter 3 — Your Role in Building and Supporting Community 71 Creating an Environment That Nurtures Community 74 Principle Make the Center Feel Like a Home 75 Strategy Incorporate elements from home-design magazines 75 Explore professional architecture and design resources 76 Principle Give the Program the Feel of a Real Neighborhood 77 Strategy Use homebase rooms and make time for children to roam 78 Set up larger programs as villages 78 Design space to resemble a neighborhood 79 Use natural shapes and soft lighting 79 Use the beginning and end of the day 79 Principle Involve Parents and Staff in Considering the Space 80 Strategy Assess how a space makes you feel 80 Explore the environment as a child might 82 Create “a place where I belong” 83 Create the skeleton of a grant proposal or the inspiration for a work party 84 Planning Your Community-Building Curriculum 86 Principle Use Time Together to Strengthen Relationships 86 Strategy View staff meetings as circle time 87 Learn about listening 88 Set ground rules, share feelings, and develop facilitation skills 89 Use a fuss box 89 Make tear-water tea 90 Become storytellers 90 Create visual stories of your life together 91 Refocus parent newsletters 92