vii The Visionary Director Foreword to the second edition by Paula Jorde bloom xvii Foreword to the First edition by Marcy Whitebook xix Acknowledgments xxiii Introduction 1 How Can Directors become Leaders? 2 Imagination and Activism Are Key 3 The Director on Fire 4 using This book 6 Chapter 1 — Guiding Your Program with a Vision 9 searching Your Heart for What’s Important 10 Imagining How It Could be 12 Fortifying Yourself with a Vision 13 rethinking What We Need 19 Distinguishing a Mission from a Vision 21 Cultivating a Vision 25 going beyond Managing to Leading 25 Looking for Models 26 Principle Create a Process for Developing Your Vision 28 Strategy Regularly share memories of favorite childhood experiences 29 Represent childhood memories with found objects or art materials 31 Use children’s books to unearth childhood memories 31 Use children’s books regularly in staff meetings 31 Get to know families’ dreams 35