MAIL U 10 Yorkton Court • St. Paul, MN • 55117-1065FAXT TOLL-FREE: 800-641-0115 OUTSIDE THE U.S.: 651-641-0115 41 Music Activities for Early Learning THE COMPLETE BOOK AND CD SET OF RHYMES, SONGS, POEMS, FINGERPLAYS, AND CHANTS Jackie Silberg & Pam Schiller Share your love of language and promote children’s imagination, coordination, and listening skills with more than 700 creative works with words. Two CDs featuring 50 songs are also included. Ages 2–6. Softbound, 512 pgs., and 2 CDs. THE BILINGUAL BOOK OF RHYMES, SONGS, STORIES AND FINGERPLAYS Pam Schiller, Rafael Lara Alcecio & Beverly J. Irby Explore the sounds of language with children and help boost their vocabularies. This illustrated English/ Spanish resource includes more than 450 songs, chants, fi ngerplays, and rhymes. Ages 2–6. Softbound, 448 pgs. #417201-M $44.95 MULTICULTURAL LULLABIES AROUND THE WORLD Sara Jordan This CD features 11 lullabies sung by vocalists using their own native tongues (Russian, Polish, Japanese, Mandarin, French, Spanish, Italian, Yiddish, African, and American lullabies with their English translations). The accompanying lyrics book is reproducible and includes multicultural activities. Winner of both a Parents’ Choice Silver Award and a Directors’ Choice Award. Ages 0–5. CD and book. vocalists using their own native tongues (Russian, AROUND THE This CD features MUSIC AND EARLY LEARNING Research increasingly has shown that exposure to music and participation by making it—singing and playing simple instruments—is invaluable in helping children’s brains develop “neural bridges” that make them stronger. Learn why this is so and how to use music to help children learn and grow. Ages 3–6. DVD, 28 min. Closed-Captioned. #700361-M $118.95 THE MUSIC BOX Elizabeth Lund Zahniser Everyone will enjoy this collection of 180 child-centered songs, fi ngerplays, clapping rhymes, and group games. Nicely nestled in a sturdy box, this assortment of fun and developmentally appropriate musical activities—each on it’s own laminated card—also includes planning suggestions. Ages 0–6. MUSIC PLAY The Early Childhood Music Curriculum Guide for Parents, Teachers, and Caregivers Wendy H. Valerio, Alison M. Reynolds, Beth M. Bolton, Cynthia C. Taggart & Edwin E. Gordon Discover the pure delight of playing music and movement games with children while helping develop their basic music skills. This developmentally appropriate guide includes 57 songs and rhythm chants and more than 200 music and movement activities for newborns and young children. Each is recorded on the accompanying CD. Ages 0–5. Spiral, 144 pgs., and CD. MUSIC AND MOVEMENT When young children hear music, their natural inclination is to move their bodies in response to it. Research has shown that this movement, like the music itself, is an intergral factor in the brain’s and the body’s healthy develop- ment. Learn what research say about the importance of combining movement with music in your early learning environment. Ages 3–6. DVD, 28 min. Cosed-Captioned. #700371-M $118.95 #315301-M $29.95 #700251-M $16.95 #700381-M $49.95 #416401-M $48.95 CD- ROMCD - ROM CD- ROMCD - ROM EASY SONGS FOR SMOOTH TRANSITIONS PAGE 30EASY SONGS FOR SMOOTH TRANSITIONSEASY SONGS FOR SMOOTH TRANSITIONSPAGE 30EASY SONGS FOR SMOOTH TRANSITIONSPAGE 30 Songs to move you through the day!