ONLINE wwww.RedleafPress.orgPHONE8AM - 5PM CST Monday - FridayS TOLL-FREE: 800-423-8309 OUTSIDE THE U.S.: 651-641-05084 EASY WAYS TO ORDER26 Inspired Learning Environments CARING SPACES, LEARNING PLACES Children’s Environments That Work Jim Greenman Ideas, problems, observations, and solutions for children’s environments guaranteed to challenge and inspire you! Softbound, 368 pgs. #320071-M $47.95 Jim Greenman you! Softbound, 368 pgs. NATURAL PLAYSCAPES Rusty Keeler There is a new movement in children’s outdoor play areas —natural playscapes. The entire space is fi lled with art, hills, pathways, trees, herbs, open areas, sand, water, music, and more. Children fi nd places to run, climb, dig, pretend, and hide, with opportunities to bellow or be silent. Five hundred magnifi cent color photographs and illustrations are included. Softbound, 316 pgs. #329001-M $49.95 ADHD IN THE YOUNG CHILD A Guide for Parents and Teachers of Young Children with ADHD Cathy Reimers, PhD, & Bruce A. Brunger Learn how to respond to young children with ADHD. This one-stop reference book discusses the nature of ADHD and 75 common behavior problems at home and school. Ages 3–5. Softbound, 216 pgs. #731801-M $20.95 TEACHING YOUNG CHILDREN WITH AUTISM SPECTRUM DISORDER Clarissa Willis Understand autism’s major characteristics, the way children with autism relate to the world, and strategies to help them learn and grow. Ages 0–5. Softbound, 222 pgs. #732801-M $24.95 ROOM ARRANGEMENT AS A TEACHING STRATEGY, REVISED Diane Trister Dodge & Bonnie Kittredge Learn to arrange preschool classrooms in ways that send powerful messages and promote learning. Included is a booklet with the complete narrative and workshops for training. Bilingual Spanish/English. DVD, 36 min. #535501-M $59.95 INCLUDING ONE, INCLUDING ALL Learn more about relationship-based classrooms! TEACHING INFANTS, TODDLERS, AND TWOS WITH SPECIAL NEEDS Clarissa Willis Address the needs of children with developmental delays and special needs as you create an environment where all children can thrive. Chapters include information about how young children learn, strategies and adaptations for the classroom, and suggestions for managing the physical environment to enhance the overall development of very young children with special needs. Ages 0–2. Softbound, 160 pgs. #590690-M $19.95 RELATIONSHIPS The Key to Teaching and Learning in the Early Years The Little School With a focus on building and supporting relationships in early child care and strengthening children’s emotional, social, and cognitive skills, you will see teachers and children in action as relationship-based, inclusive concepts play out in a real classroom. Ages 3–5. DVD, 90 min. #736101-M $29.95 CD- ROMCD - ROM CD- ROMCD - ROM