16 Chapter One night before, something can pop up and throw things off. I don’t know what your it is, but sometimes it gets to you. This chapter is about your it or, more likely, your its—those things that get under your skin and cause your pulse to quicken, your breathing to shorten, and your smile to fade. Your it might be lack of appreciation for your work;• the way a particular child’s voice rubs against your deli-• cate last nerve; long working hours;• life whooshing by;• a pile of unending paperwork;• something painful you’ve carried for years or decades.• We will get to some common stress causers and smile steal- ers in a bit, but first I want you to take time to identify and know some of your its a tad better. Take a few moments to clear your head and find some calm. Start with a few long, deep breaths, fully emptying and 1. fully filling your lungs. Exhale until your lungs feel like they have collapsed.2. Inhale until you cannot possibly inhale any more. 3. Pause at the top and bottom of each breath.4. Repeat.5. Continue until you find an inner stillness.6. Now, pick up your pen and answer the following questions: What three sights, sounds, or experiences cause your smile to fade?