Butterflies and Barbed Wire 21 more we isolate ourselves from the important people around us. The people we should be reaching out to for help are the ones we push away, blame for our discomfort, and heap our anger on. Failing to deal with stress kills relationships and ends marriages. It drives an emotional wedge between you and people you care about. It presses so heavily on you that you lash out, ignore, or disrespect the individuals you love most. If it’s hard for you to think about making time to manage your stress, here’s some- thing to think about: how do you think your stress is affecting the children in your care and the people you love? If it’s hard for you to take care of yourself for your own sake, it may be easier if at first you do it for others, for the people who count on you. ÏÎÍ We are now going to work on better identifying the things that take our smiles, because understanding those things is the first step toward controlling them. PerSOnal GPS Your Personal Goal Positioning System (GPS) helps you stay focused on achieving your personal goals. hectic lives blow too many people off course and away from achieving their goals. the hand-held Personal GPS lets you know at a glance on its touch screen where you are in relation to a variety of your long- and short-term goals. Its soothing audio directions even help guide you toward attaining goals you may feel are unreachable. the system relies on your emotional Positioning System, a se- ries of high orbit satellites designed to track your emotional state, as well as neural sensors that transmit your goals and intentions to a central computer bank, located in a high security bunker off I-70 in central Missouri. With this system, you will never wake up in the middle of the night again wondering how you got so far off track from your dreams.