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Ants in Their Pants

Ants in Their Pants:
Teaching Children Who Must Move to Learn

Author: Aerial Cross
Product Code: 327001
ISBN: 978-1-933653-87-7
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Extra busy children—children who must move to learn—are constantly in motion, driven by insatiable curiosity, and require tactile experiences throughout the day. The kinesthetic nature of extra busy children demands environments, schedules, and guidelines that are different from traditional teaching methods. With consistency and creativity, extra busy children can thrive in the classroom and at home.

Ants in Their Pants will help educators

  • understand the kinesthetic nature of extra busy children
  • create the best environment for learning and playing
  • incorporate sensory integration activities
  • positively redirect excess energy in a positive direction
  • recognize the importance of proper nutrition and sleeping habits
  • connect with families of extra busy children

This practical, hands-on resource is filled with transition ideas, sensory play activities, sound advice, and out-of-the-box inspiration—techniques to nurture and support extra busy children that have been successfully used by the author in the classroom and at home with her own extra busy child.

Age Focus: 3-6. Softbound, 160 pgs.

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Review by: Elaine Butler, librarian,Support for Families of Children with Disabilities - January 31, 2013
Many of us are familiar with the type of children highlighted in the title. This is a valuable resource for parents and professionals. The author is a grown up version of the extra busy kinesthetic child. She relates that you don't outgrow it and need acceptance and consistency, attention, rules and routines. She also advises parents to form a connection with the school and teachers so routines may be duplicated at home. The format of the book is helpful—loaded with sensory integration activities. Directions and a materials list is given for each activity. She also helps parents by addressing eating and sleeping activities and transitions from one task or event to another. The Content's Page will direct the reader to the activities for various situations. I have already used some of the author's suggestions and they work very well.
Review by: August Book News, August Book News Website - August 1, 2011
Cross (English and early childhood, San Juan Community College, New Mexico) has designed this activity manual for parents and teachers who must deal with "extra busy" children in learning environments. The author uses transition ideas, practical advice and sensory-play activities to redirect excess energy in a positive direction and create the best possible environment to learn, play and relax. Recommendations are also made for proper nutrition and sleep habits such as establishing routines and selecting simple staple foods. (Annotation 2009 Book News Inc. Portland, OR)
Review by: Texas Child Care, Spring 2010 edition of Texas Child Care Quarterly - March 1, 2010
Kinesthetic learners-children often described as having too much energy-can be a challenge to their families, teachers, and peers. "Extra busy children," by Cross's description, demand specialized environments, schedules, and guidance to maximize learning and develop positive social and emotional skills. A self-described extra busy child and adult, and parent of an extra busy daughter, Cross offers information to help teachers understand kinesthetic learners. She also provides concrete, hands-on tips on providing a supportive environment complete with ideas on schedules, classroom tools and techniques, and ways to keep the classroom toolbox filled. Two rich, idea-filled chapters deal with play-indoor, outdoor, water, and play in limited spaces-and sensory intergration. Later chapters offer additional information on routines, nutrition, and sleep. Cross is sensitive to parents' and teachers' concerns about children who learn differently. More important, she respects children's needs and challenges as she describes behaviors, activities, and systems that seem deliberately designed to frustrate adults. Ants in Their Pants is a solid resource filled with teaching ideas, sensory play activities, and inspiration-techniques to nurture and support all children.
Review: The Midwest Book Review- The Bookwatch October 2009 - October 1, 2009
Education collections will welcome Aerial Cross' ANTS IN THEIR PANTS: TEACHING CHILDREN WHO MUST MOVE TO LEARN. Here's a fine survey of busy children who are constantly in motion and curious - who require tactile experiences through the day to thrive. Educators learning how to tailor atmospheres for these kids, offering a hands-on resource for sensory-play activities and more.

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